Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day with Warren Adler!

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day! Approaching his 90th year, Warren Adler has proven that your third act can be your best yet. Celebrate today with this beloved personal essay from Warren below… ****************************************************************** “Lying About My Age: A Reflection on Ageism” by Warren Adler ****************************************************************** I am seriously thinking about lying about my […]

The Wonders of Age

Yesterday I was lucky enough to speak to a classroom of eager students at The Center for Living and Learning here in NYC. This extraordinary group of people were all seniors. As in senior citizens. Wednesday’s class, “The Wonders of Age,” was an hour and a half of joy, wonder and bittersweet understanding. I’ll be […]

Our Exclusive Interview with ‘Heart of Gold’ Narrator Steve Ogden

This week we’re shining a spotlight on Steve Ogden, the audiobook narrator of Heart of Gold, Warren Adler’s bestselling new historical thriller about a mysterious inheritance that reveals dark secrets from the past. Click to listen to the interview below: What do you look for in a project? I like projects with a diverse cast […]

Top Feature Stories/interviews from Warren Adler on Aging and Ageism Awareness

FORBES: “Now Almost 90, ‘War of the Roses’ Author Has Some Advice For Seniors, And It’s Not About Divorce” “Like the tale he so hilariously and sensationally told of divorce through The War of the Roses, author Warren Adler has another story to tell nearly four decades later. He wants people–particularly seniors–to know that older adults are relevant, […]

Michael Halberstam’s ‘The Wanting of Levine’: An Uncanny 1970s Political Novel Worthy of Rejuvenation

Any serious novelist worth their salt fantasizes that their work will endure beyond their lifetime.  As both an earnest practitioner of the novelist’s art and a lifetime student of classic literature, I am always heartened when I learn about a novel written decades ago, long buried from public view, that suddenly pops into the public […]

Our Exclusive Interview with Shawn Saavedra, the Audiobook Narrator of Torture Man

June is audiobook month and we are celebrating all month! Many talented voice actors have narrated Warren Adler’s repetoire of 50+ works of fiction, including Shawn Saavedra who narrated Torture Man, a psychological and political thriller. Tell us a bit about your background. What inspired you to become an audiobook narrator?  My first love is acting, […]

Our Exclusive Interview with Will Tulin, the audiobook narrator of Natural Enemies

June is audiobook month and we’re celebrating all month long! We wanted to shine the spotlight on the very talented Will Tulin who narrated both Natural Enemies and Banquet Before Dawn. What do you look for in a project? Is there a particular genre you gravitate towards? What initially drew you to Natural Enemies? When […]