Our Exclusive Interview with Colin Fluxman, the audiobook narrator of Mother Nile

This week we’re shining a spotlight on Colin Fluxman, the audiobook narrator of Mother Nile, Warren’s Adler’s newest historical thriller set in Cairo, Egypt. What was it like narrating Mother Nile? A labor of love – there’s nothing to beat a well-written novel that captures one’s imagination and actually takes you into the story with its […]

The Role of the Fiction Writer in Our Current Presidential Election

The true test of talent for a fiction writer is the ability to imagine pain, angst, despair, discouragement, frustration as well as joy, ecstasy, elation and pleasure. This is the power that runs the machine of character creation that lies at the very heart of storytelling. As we fiction practitioners understand, craft can be learned, […]

What Does it Mean to be “Based On a True Story”?

I have always been somewhat amused by the phrase ‘Based on a True Story’ that I see on book covers and movie screens. The line is of course a marketing strategy to connect potential readers or viewers with what is essentially a fictional interpretation of an authentic, perhaps remembered, contemporary or historical event or situation, […]

THE WAR OF THE ROSES in the Media: A Compilation of Dysfunction in Current Events

Jon Stewart mocks ‘photo-bombing’ controversy between Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon, referencing The War of the Roses “In a segment titled, War of the Poses, Stewart mocked the idea that Lebanese media was angry with their contestant for posing with Matalon, because “Lebanon and Israel are enemies.” – Watch entire segment here (skip to 2:45) […]

Will TV/Film Kill the Literary Star?

As a longtime practitioner of the art of fiction writing and a committed reader of the works of others, I have been thinking a great deal about the impact of the proliferating film/TV industry on the future of reading. Having lived through the golden age of Hollywood films shown in ubiquitous neighborhood theaters in the […]

Why Should Novelists Be Politically Correct?

The recent flap over a romance novel titled For Such a Time whose plot features a concentration camp inmate falling in love with her Nazi captor has aroused the wrath of various critics and readers on grounds that it is too discomfiting and disturbing to have been published. While I can understand why some readers […]

Lying About My Age: A Reflection on Ageism

I am seriously thinking about lying about my age. Of course it’s impossible. The internet has my age engraved in perpetuity. I notice the difference immediately after my most casual face-to-face social revelation of the “number” – even if it is merely a reminder to my friends and my children. The change in expression is […]