No Escape From the Huckster

Nowadays, in America and probably many parts of the world, going to the movies before the feature comes on has become an annoying and aggressive assault on your nerves, eyeballs, hearing and intelligence; of course, the bottom line of all this hullabaloo is aimed straight at your pocketbook.

The Enemy Within

The recent horrific incident in Aurora and the mass killing sprees that have taken place in our country and others since the Unruh killings indicate that, however we explain and analyze them after the fact, however modern science and technology has tried to predict such behavior in advance, we have been unable to protect society from the dangers of such a sudden violent and destructive aberration.

Interview with “War of the Roses” author, Warren Adler

Warren Adler: On His Popular Novel, Married Couples, and Loving Your Work By Dan Couvrette, CEO, Divorce Marketing Group, Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine. Warren Adler is best known as the author of the legendary novel “War of the Roses”. So far, he has published 32 novels and short story collections. Recently, he spoke with Divorce […]

Short story contest

People’s Choice Voting is Closed. Winners Get Published on Kindle and Amazon and Win Cash Prizes. Cash prizes will be offered to the winners as follows: 1st Prize: $1,000 People’s Choice Prize: $500 Remaining finalists: $50 each Honorable mentions: $25 each Here is the 1st Prize winner: Fields Where the Glory Does Not Stay by […]

Real Estate and Rubble: When Marriages Go Awry

As her lawyers tell it, the man suspected of blowing up the house was the personification of evil. The ex-wife hid from the Nazis as a child; he drew swastikas all around their house. Their children tried to call him, but he sputtered curses and hung up the phone: he accused them of siding with […]

Oil, Land and ‘Roses’

AN OIL HEIRESS whose family owns one of the largest ranches in Texas last month bought the Jacson,Wyo., house of novelist Warren Adler, whose “The War of the Roses” and “Random Hearts” became Hollywood movies. Anne Burnett Windfohr Marion, who owns the Four Sixes rances (480,000 acres in total) and Burnett Oil Co. in Fort […]

Warren Adler Profile

When moviegoers watched Oliver and Barbara Rose’s marriage descend into a maelstrom of malice, spite, divorce papers and dog paté in the 1989 film, The War of the Roses, they were seeing the twisted but funny work of Wyoming author Warren Adler. “It is strictly a crap shoot and a minor miracle to see one’s […]