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Marcus Sedgwick

When I was a young man I had a desire to do something creative, but I didn’t know what that thing was. I tried various outlets to express myself: I painted, I made wood cuts and wood engravings, I taught myself to carve stone. I sold a few pieces but something was missing, and that […]

Pia de Jong

I began writing in the middle of a single sweltering midsummer night in the year 2004 and have not stopped writing since. I had spent the previous years in fear for our newborn daughter Charlotte, who had been diagnosed with a severe leukemia. But to our amazement and delight Charlotte went into spontaneous remission. It felt […]

The Wonders of Age

Yesterday I was lucky enough to speak to a classroom of eager students at The Center for Living and Learning here in NYC. This extraordinary group of people were all seniors. As in senior citizens. Wednesday’s class, “The Wonders of Age,” was an hour and a half of joy, wonder and bittersweet understanding. I’ll be […]

Estelle Laure

I began writing because I got too full to hold everything in. I tried. Went for years without any outlet except some occasional extravagant baking. I can’t cut straight, can’t so much as draw a stick figure. My hands are useless for fine art. Writing sometimes isn’t much better. When asked what his favorite part […]

The “Veddy” Formal Dinner Party: Some Harrowing Hints

“‘The ‘Veddy’ Formal Dinner Party’ is a satirical piece I wrote that was originally published in 1977 in Washington Dossier, the society magazine for the nation’s capital from 1975-1991 run by my wife and eldest son. Every page in the magazine reveals a different nuance of life during that era – revisiting this piece brought […]

Lawrence Block

I was 15 when I first considered becoming a writer, and from that moment on I never seriously considered anything else. It seemed to me that this would be something I could do reasonably well, and that I would find it satisfying and fulfilling. I was conveniently unaware of the odds against succeeding in the […]