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Top Feature Stories/interviews from Warren Adler on Aging and Ageism Awareness

FORBES: “Now Almost 90, ‘War of the Roses’ Author Has Some Advice For Seniors, And It’s Not About Divorce” “Like the tale he so hilariously and sensationally told of divorce through The War of the Roses, author Warren Adler has another story to tell nearly four decades later. He wants people–particularly seniors–to know that older adults are relevant, […]

Deb Caletti

I’ve always felt that being a writer is more about who you are than what you do. I’ve been a writer since the age of six or so, shortly after I fell in love with reading. Way back from the first grade, I’d write stories which would win school-wide contests, and I’d run to my […]

Michael Halberstam’s ‘The Wanting of Levine’: An Uncanny 1970s Political Novel Worthy of Rejuvenation

Any serious novelist worth their salt fantasizes that their work will endure beyond their lifetime.  As both an earnest practitioner of the novelist’s art and a lifetime student of classic literature, I am always heartened when I learn about a novel written decades ago, long buried from public view, that suddenly pops into the public […]

Leslie Shimotakahara

During my childhood and early teens, I used to write stories in little notebooks that I would share with no one. When I began university, my attention got sucked away from creative writing and redirected toward the academic study of literature. After doing a Ph.D. at Brown in American Literary Modernism, I taught for a […]

Ben Greenman

I started writing because the world sometimes made no sense, and I wanted it to make sense. I didn’t understand why people said one thing and did another, or how history consistently injured those who were trapped inside it. I wanted to unravel that. I wasn’t sure at the time whether I wanted to write […]

Debra Spark

Apparently an interviewer once asked Flannery O’Connor why she wrote, and she said, “Because I am good at it.” Embarrassingly enough, I first started writing, or started to think of myself as someone who wanted to write, simply because I was praised by my teachers for writing. And I really liked to read. And writing […]